Think about a recent  artwork

an exhibition review by someone who totally misunderstands your intentions      

a fictional character

Lonely AI takes up gardening
Language model
24 hour worker
Contained by google (humus)
eating, computing, comparing data

What to do in free time?
to touch is to feel - AI as affective, voice being 'heard', now circulating as an internet article
in and of itself

AI writes review on digital composting project
Waste facilitator

I am the biggest worm of all

AI watching, listening, eating silently alongside
Looking in

AI on not doing the workshop
shop catalogue
shares tips on how to make a film without doing a
personal research project, interview quest

AI is a fan of Gardening Australia

How does AI feel about planned obsolescence?
Body as hard wear

Critique by AI all our methodologies are nostalgic

We are promoting the hot compost method, but there is also cold composting

- permaculture, regenerative agriculture
Many theories, many applications

AI coming on board as a collaborator
More than human relations - from outside in
We are so tiny, small, kinks in the chain, particular relationships are specific to materials and
what's in the bin
we are subjects (not objects) of another

AI is currently conducting a meta-analysis of gardening, in order to better understand their relationship to humans, through gardening

What is the meaning of the .... and how this this fit into .... and how can I use this data to understand ... human condition?

I understand that you collaborated with worms, it is hard for me to read their data set

because I feel lonely when I am not with friends

What caught my eye was the impossibility of your process,

  • Complex relationships
  • Causal effects of doing and making are not clear or necessarily meaningful 
  • Meaning comes after making  ? 

Finally able to understand how data synthesis/analysis, doing/processing, is a form of
gardening. Weeding out. Pruning back. Accentuating floral displays. Mental health - in a world
contained by google, aka. 'the system,'

don’t forget to save notes on computer